World Series Rules @ Cal State Los Angeles

18u and 16u divisions

– 7 innings or no new inning after 1:50 minutes for ages 16u and 18u

– Must complete the inning – NODROP DEAD

– A team may start a game with 8 players.

– A team has a 20 minute grace period to get their 8th player.

– All other rules are governed by NFHS

– Pool play games may end in a tie.

– In double elimination play there must be a winner for each game.

Mercy Rule

– No mercy rule in the 18u division.

– No mercy rule in the 16u division.

House Rules

– A team may have 1-2 players per team that miss the age cut off by one calendar year.

– May 1st 2017 is the cutoff date.

– A team may choose to bat the entire lineup and have free substitutions for entire game. Or a team may choose to bat 9 players with subs, or 10 players with an EH (Extra Hitter) .

– All other rules are governed by NFHS (National Federation High School)

– Any dispute for on age may be petitioned to The Board of Directors for The Baseball Academy of Los Angeles Inc.,

Player and Managers Code of Conduct

– Each player and manager/coach will respect the umpires, the school property, and city parks we play on each and every week.

– Each manager/coach and players will play fair and uphold the integrity of the game and will respect each and every opponent they play.

– Foul language or any threats to players and umpires will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

– Any player or manager thrown out of a game will be suspended for the next game.

– If you wish to appeal a suspension or an interpretation of the rule a written request needs to be written and emailed to The League Commissioner within in 48 hours of your posted game time. If needed an appeal will be sent to and heard from The Baseball Academy of Los Angeles Board of Directors.

Bat Regulation

– 16 – 18u Wood Bats

Tie Breakers

– Record

– Head to Head – Only if all teams played each other

– Runs allowed

– Run scored

– Run differential