World Series Rules 9u-14u

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Time Limit
• 6 innings or no new inning after 1:45 minutes
• Must complete the inning
• No drop dead
• Championship Games- no time limit

Mercy Rule
• 12 runs after 3 innings
• 10 runs after 4 innings
• 8 runs after 5 innings

• Must fill a roster for each team- MANDATORY
• Birth Certificates are required at Check-In
• All players must be on official World Series Roster

House Rules – All Divisions
• Home Team will be determined by coin toss in pool play.
• In double elimination the lower seed will be home.
• A team may start a league game with 8 players and finish with 8 players. Every time the 9th player comes up it is recorded as an out.
• A team may not start a game with less than 7 players.
• Grace period is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes if the 8th player is not there game will be recorded as a forfeit 6-0.
• A team may choose to bat 9 players, 10 players with an EH (Extra Hitter and the extra may also play the field at any time) or may bat the entire lineup.
• A team may start with 9 players and finish with 8 players. The 9th player is recorded as an out for the duration of the game.
• A team may have a player that missed the 2017 age cut by 90-120 calendar days. Extra paper work is required for this request.
• No metal cleat in 11 and under.
• No metal cleats on portable mounds.
• All other rules are governed by NFHS (National Federation High School)
• Tournament Director has the right to change times or locations.

• No pitching restrictions
• No pitch count

Tie Breakers
• Pool play games may end in a tie once the time limit or innings have expired.
• In double elimination play there must be a winner.
• In the event the time limit expires or the innings expire please follow the rules below
a) One extra inning of regular baseball
b) After the extra inning we use the California Tie- breaker ( 0 outs runner at second base) until a winner is declared

Team Tie – Breakers
• Record
• Head to Head – Only used if all teams played each other
• Runs Allowed
• Runs Scored
• Run Differential

Bat Restrictions

• All bats with a 1.15 BPF are legal provided they are not on the recall list

• BBCOR or Wood Bat

• All protest must be turned in before the half inning is over. A written request and a $50 fee is required for a protest. Protest is refundable if the protest is successful.
• All protest must be rule interpretations.