World Series

Season Begins: Sunday September 18th
Season Ends: Sunday November 13th
Team Registration Fee Due by August 30th –NO EXCEPTIONS

Class of 2017 (17u)- Major Division (SOLD OUT!)- Locations Cal State Los Angeles & Pasadena High & Agoura Hills High School
1. Cinco Estrella Hawks
2. Los Angeles Wildthings
3. South Pasadena Astros
4. South Gate Wolves
5. Assassins
6. E. Alhambra White Sox
7. GBG-Marucci-
8. GBG- Marucci
9. Vicious
10. GBG-North

Class of 2017 and 2018 (17u) AA Division (SOLD OUT!) -Locations Muir High and Duarte High
1. The Rock
2. Baldwin Hills Elite Dodgers
3. M. Mustangs
4. ELA Bulldogs
5. CIK
6. So. Cal Bombers
7. W. Adams
8. NE Outlaws

Class of 2019 &2020 (16u) Major Division (SOLD OUT!)- Montebello High School and Victory Park & Agoura Hills High School
1. Carson Colts
2. Montebello Brewers
3. GBG-North (Navy)
4. GBG-Marucci
5. GBG- Marucci
6. Baldwin Park Roadrunners
7. GBG- North (Blue)
8. Diamond Dawgs

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