Diablos Baseball

Time Limit for League Games
• All games are doubleheader format unless informed otherwise.
• 6 innings or no new inning after 1:45 minutes for ages 11u to 17u
• Drop Dead at 2:05 for ages 11u to 17u
• 6 innings or no new inning after 1:40 minutes for ages 9u and 10u
• Drop dead at 2 hours for 9u and 10u
• 6 innings or no new inning after 1:35 minutes for 8u
• Drop dead at 1:55 minutes for 8u
• 7 innings games are now new after 1:55 minutes or 7 innings. Drop dead at 2:15 minutes
• 9 innings games are no new inning after 2:40 minutes and drop dead at 3 hours.

• Rosters will be provided in week 1 for all teams to sign in. This is to prevent players from starting on one team and jumping on another team during league play. A player that starts the season on one team may not play for another team during the season.
• Team Managers have until the end of week 4 to turn in a complete roster for their team.
• At the end of week 5 teams may add 3 floating players (FP) to their team. This is the final week to make changes.
• A team may have 2 players per team that miss the age cut off by one calendar year. In extreme circumstance a team may have 3 players that miss the age cut.
• May 1st 2017 is the cutoff date for the Fall 2016 season.
• Teams must have same color jerseys /t shirts and a numbers in all Major Divsions.
• Teams must also have numbers for the playoffs.
• Any dispute for on age may be petitioned to The Board of Directors for The Baseball Academy of Los Angeles Inc.,

Player and Managers Code of Conduct
• Each player and manager/coach will respect the umpires, the school property, and city parks we play on each and every week.
• Each manager/coach and players will play fair and uphold the integrity of the game and will respect each and every opponent they play.
• Foul language or any threats to players and umpires will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
• Any player or manager thrown out of a game will be suspended for the next game.
• If you wish to appeal a suspension or an interpretation of the rule a written request needs to be written and emailed to The League Commissioner within in 48 hours of your posted game time. If needed an appeal will be sent to and heard from The Baseball Academy of Los Angeles Board of Directors.

Bat Regulation
• 17u Wood Bats only
• 16u Wood Bats
• 7-8th grade Division (BBCOR or -5)
• 7u-12u Open

Run Rule
• 10 run mercy after 4 innings in 6 inning games
• 10 after 5 innings in 7 inning games
• 10 after 7 innings in 9 inning games
• No Mercy Rule in Major Divisions

House Rules
• A team may start a game with 7 players. At the end of 3 complete innings if the does not have the 8th player the game will become a 9 inning game. The team that has a complete team will be awarded the 2 wins in the standings.
• If a team starts a game with 7 players the opposing team will let them borrow one outfielder for defensive.
• A team may not start a game with less than 7 players.
• Courtesy runners are permitted for pitchers and catchers at any time throughout the game.
• Grace period is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes if the 7th player is not present it is recorded as a forfeit. The team that forfeits will pay the entire umpire fee.
• A team may choose to bat the entire lineup and have free substitutions for entire game. Or a team may choose to bat 9 players with subs, or 10 players with an EH (Extra Hitter).
• All other rules are governed by NFHS (National Federation High School)

8u League Rules

  • No Balks
  • Baserunners may leave once pitch is released.
  • 4 run limit per inning (Effective Spring 2017)
  • Home plate is open (Effective Spring 2017)
  • Once the umpire declares last inning – runs are unlimited

Field Rules

  • Please make sure all trash is picked up when your games are over.
  • If you use sunflower seeds please dispose them in a cup. Please bring cups if you choose to spit sunflower seeds.
  • The Baseball Academy of Los Angeles is not responsible for any damages due to foul balls or broken windshields. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • Zero tolerance for policy for fighting.
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol.
  • Zero tolerance for bullying.
  • Zero tolerance for abusing umpires.